7-18-2008/Chimney Wash
7-18-2008/Chimney Wash  (Permalink)
This chimney wash has never been covered with lead. This is a picture of a chimney that needs the upper portion to be rebuilt. Old brick walls usually need tuckpointing because the weather erodes the mortar. That can happen to chimneys too, but many times this happens first. The top ("Wash" area) has brick mortar on it and it cracks and lets water into the inside of the chimney. Then the water and ice pushes the mortar out, and this is the way that looks. A lead cover on the Wash can prevent that. I look at many leaks at chimneys. Sometimes the copper flashing is worn out and needs to be replaced. Other times I tell people that water is getting in through the top of the chimney and for some reason, some people do not believe it. A picture is worth a thousand words.