April 4, 2008
April 4, 2008 (Permalink)

This job is a total slate replacement on the carriage house at 3400 Russell. The main house is pictured on this page and is described as "Big house on Russell". This carriage house has more roof space than many houses. It has a total of five dormers and one ventilator. The slate are standard thickness unfading purple. The slate are actually, sort of, a gray/purple with a little bit of green. We are using 12 inch wide slate on the steep roof, 8 inch wide slate on the vertical sides of the dormers and 14 inch wide slate on two low sloped roof areas.  And of course, all new 16 ounce copper flashing at all of the valleys junctions, wall/roof junctions, hip junctions and ridge junctions.

The person in the center is the homeowner Shelly Donaho. Shelly has been a friend and customer whom I have enjoyed working with for a little more than 20 years. Shelly owns Vintage Realty LLC and specializes in sales of homes in historic neighborhoods. The person on the left is Rick Neeley. Rick has been my friend and employee for 20 years. Rick is a highly skilled craftsman who I appreciate and respect very much.  And I, Vince Graye, am on the right.